Smarter Lockout Solutions

We innovate and Customize our products based on the End users’ needs.

Customized Tags

We offer Customization of all typer of WARNING and DANGER Tags. Multi-layer Paper Tags, PVC Tags, Prism Tags.. etc.

with Company Logo in various colors, text formats and sizes. One Sided and two sided. One time use or Reusable.

All tags come with a metal Eyelet for durability and long life. Strings or ties can be added.

LOTO Carry bags

Heavy Duty Bags for Storage and carrying LOTO devices. Multiple pockets for easy access with a strong Zipper. Easy to carry belts included.

A variety ranging from Small belt pouches to Medium Tools Bag and X-Large Kit bags.

Customizable with Company LOGO.

Storage Cabinets & Stations

Storage Cabinets and Stations for Keys, Padlocks and all Loto Devices can be customized based on your requirement and available sapace. Optional Material from Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.

Customized Solutions

Group LOTO Stations and Lock boxes.

with Customized specifications and Dimensions.

Please reach us for details.


Ready Made Kits for Electrical Lockout, Mechanical Lockout and Universal Lockout devices.

Customizable kits based on Customer’s requrements.

Mechanical Energy Sources

Gate Valve

Ball Valve

Butterfly Valve

Electrical Energy Sources


Industrial Socket