LOTO KSA History

A Brief History of LOTO KSA:

Our Journey Started in 2012. We Started our business as a Supplier of Lockout Tagout products in the GCC. Within a short period in the business, we started hearing different issues from the end-users and decided to gather more information of all our clients’ end users to understand that there is a huge gap in the Market for these products’ availability, knowledge of their application and end-users’ understanding. With the use of this data, our technical team of professionals in safety started re-designing the products addressing the issues from the GCC market. We came us with newly designed products suitable to serve the purpose of safety in the GCC region considering the hot climate, sandy winds and humidity at the coastal parts with 1 year replacement warranty on our products.

We have attended and exhibited in many International events and exhibitions of Workplace Safety. 

We have also been awarded for innovative design of our Lockout devices.

Our goal is to spread awareness in the workplaces about the importance of Lockout Tagout and the hazards/accidents that could be avoided by following the LOTO procedures. 

Before we sell any product, we make sure that our client understand the devices that are required at their field and the learn the proper and safe application of the LOTO devices and procedures. To ensure this, we initiate our clients’ LOTO program with an onsite assessment along with a short presentation and display of all the required Loto devices. Then we proceed to the site and assess the potential hazards and show a practical demonstration to lockout the energy sources.

With a detailed report of the before and after pictures of the product applications, we suggest multiple options for our client’s to choose lockout devices based on their budget and ease.

“ Our No.1 intension is zero accidents” and we work along with you in making your workplaces safer!