LOTO KSA is a leading Manufacturer / Supplier of Lockout Tagout solutions, specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance Mechanical, Electrical and General Lockout devices and LOTO storage solutions.

Our product range encompasses Safety Padlocks, Warning Tags, Mechanical Lockout Devices, Electrical Lockout Devices, plastic & metal seals, Group lockout boxes, Group Lockout Cabinets, Padlock Storage cabinets, LOTO Storage cabinets, Key Cabinets, Shadow Boards, Cable Lockouts, Bags, Kits, Car Seals, Document Holders, MSDS box, and Specially Customized product designing based on Client’s needs.

We are unique in offering a complete service that includes Site Assessment, standard or tailored equipment solutions combined with unparalleled training, aftercare and support. 

Our Values:

  • Quality
    Clients trust our brand for excellence and reliability.  Nothing matters more than quality and safety.
  • Technical Expertise
    Our specialist expertise has developed intensely over the past years. You can depend upon our advice to keep your workplace safe and protected.
  • Flexible
    We design and manufacture products that will exactly fit your needs.
  • Friendly
    We want to be easy to do business with so you get the answers you need directly and quickly.  We work hard to meet all your needs.